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Startup - SaaS

AI Lead Generation Tool suitable for Job Board and Recruiting Agencies

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$950 OTO

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1 years


We develop SaaS solutions for the recruiting industry and we've created a tool that generates an ideal candidate profile for both recruiters and entrepreneurs, enabling them to align and refine their recruiting strategies precisely. An Ideal Candidate Persona is the cornerstone of every recruiting process and is essential for anyone looking to fill a vacancy. This tool offers an excellent foundation for recruitment industry providers, such as job boards, recruitment agencies, and freelancers, to generate warm leads effectively.

Tech Stack

* * OpenAI * Cloudmersive



Target customers

* Entrepreneurs * SMEs * Recruiter * Hiring Manager

Reason for selling

We want to focus on other projects and believe that the leads generated by this tool can be utilized more effectively by someone else.

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1 month ago

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